Monday, September 19, 2011

How to develop a particular muscle group?

I belief anyone is able to get a perfect body. The question is, how do you get there? The first and most important aspect is faith in yourself and your goals. Second, aspect is your discipline / dedication. Last important aspect is, the right advice.

My advice is only for people with faith, discipline and dedication.

People often ask me; "how can I develop a particular muscle". Most of the time these people are no beginners, they spent many hours at the gym.

Here is my answer:
1) Focus on this particular muscle
2) Control your muscles better

So what do I mean by this. Let's start with "Focus ...".

When you start lifting weights, you soon notice, some muscle groups will develop faster, this is natural. But most people (including me) like to see a symmetrical body shape.

So how did I do it?

Step 1: First determine which muscle group is under developed. In my case it was the should. And in particular the deltoid muscle (front shoulder).

Step 2: Once you know which muscle to focus on, look for exercises that will isolate this particular muscle during the work-out. Cable/Dumble front raise is one of the exercises that I use to focus on.

Step 3: Let’s see, your planning to do your shoulder and bicep work-out at the same day. After the warming-up you start with your normal routine, except this time you do one extra 8 to 10 reps of the focused exercise (step 2), after each exercises, during your normal work-out.

You planned to do 4 different exercises for shoulders as well as for your biceps. This make 4x2 = 8 exercises during the work-out. So you have to repeat the focus exercise 8 times during this work-out. This way you will over develop this muscle group in order to get a symmetrical body shape.

Step 4: Once your body starts to get used to this, let’s say within 4 weeks, it’s time to switch from focus to control. The light the weight the better you will be able to control it.

You use 50% or less of your normal weight (for all exercises) and start doing 4x15 reps, really slow. It should take you about 10 seconds to do 1 rep. So, 10 sec. x 15 reps. = 2,5 min before you can relax your muscles. 
Note: Since your using about 50% of our max. power, you shouldn't do this to often, if your objective is to get a symmetrical body shape. Twice a month will give you the best result.

What I basically do is: “I Get out off my comfort zone, to influence my natural body shape”.


Let me know if it worked for you too!

Michael TSF